SiberianCMS API Documentation

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Welcome to the SiberianCMS REST API documentation.

This doc contains reference materials to help you implementing the API into your system.

SiberianCMS API provides you with the ability to manage your users, as well as your applications.

You can find our PHP Library:

At a glance

Create your API User

// user this custom header, we do not use the regular Authorization HTTP header due to some restrictions.

Api-Auth-Bearer: Bearer YOURTOKEN

If your token is: 965327d7caa3d748bb70630b8f1ec64b7f0882ec
so your header will be

Api-Auth-Bearer: Bearer 965327d7caa3d748bb70630b8f1ec64b7f0882ec

Basic usage for the PHP library

Init the API with Basic Auth or Bearer token

// Init with Basic Auth username/password
\Siberian\Api::init($domain, $username, $password);

// OR

// Init with Bearer token
\Siberian\Api::initWithBearer($domain, $bearerToken);

Create a new user

$response = \Siberian\User::create($email, $password, $firstname, $lastname, $role_id);
if($response->isSuccess()) {
    $user_id = $response->getResponse("user_id");
    $token  = $response->getResponse("token");
} else {
    echo $response->getErrorMessage();

Create an application

$response = \Siberian\Application::create($name, $user_id);
if($response->isSuccess()) {
    $app_id = $response->getResponse("app_id");
    $app_url  = $response->getResponse("app_url");
} else {
    echo $response->getErrorMessage();

Other actions are documented here API Documentation

Run test (on you development instance)

Basic Auth

./ siberianurl basic username password

Bearer token

./ siberianurl bearer token


Here is the list of the available APIs:




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