Contribute To SiberianCMS

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Anyone can contribute to SiberianCMS. And we need your contributions.

There are multiple ways to contribute: report bugs, improve the docs, and contribute code.

Submit An Issue

  1. Search into existing issues before submitting yours
  2. Fork our Github repo:
  3. Create a new branch from master

    • Issue git checkout -b issueid-shortdescription

    • Feature git checkout -b feature-name

  4. Review our pull request guidelines.

  5. Follow our coding conventions.
  6. Test your code so it won't break any feature`
  7. Submit a pull request!

Help Improve The Docs

Our documentation is hosted on github too, and will grow with new features, help us improve it the same way.

If you found a typo, make a tutorial or have a better way to describe our documentation, fork it !

Fork the Github repo: git clone

We use MkDocs to generate the docs, so every page is written in Markdowns

Share new features

If you have developed, who are aiming to develop new features to share with the SiberianCMS community you are welcome.

We wrote a complete documentation on how to create new modules

Pull Request

Keep your pull requests as small as possible, bundle only one feature or bug fix per pull request, it is also easier for us to test single bug fixes


We try to follow the PSR-1 standard as much as possible, and to keep our code clear and understandable, that's all !


By contributing your code, you agree to license your contribution under the OSL license.