Siberian CLI Documentation

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Siberian ships with a CLI to help debugging & troubleshooting.

CLI available methods

Method Min. version Params Description
export:schemas 4.13.10 - Exports the current schema tables (only schemas) to var/schema/CURRENT_VERSION/TABLE.php this is useful to prepare db files for your custom modules
export:database 4.13.10 - Exports the current mysql database
version 4.13.10 version Updates lib/Siberian/Version.php with the given version
user:create 4.13.10 - This action will ask for an e-mail and a password to create a new backoffice user
user:update-password 4.13.10 - This action will ask for an e-mail and a password, usefull to change a lost backoffice password
dev / development 4.13.10 - Fast switch in development mode
prod / production 4.13.10 - Fast switch in production mode
cache:design 4.14.0 sae, mae, pe Rebuilds SAE/MAE/PE cache for design files
cache:clear 4.14.4 - Clear var/cache, var/log & var/tmp
license:set 4.14.13 - Set the product license from cli
i18n:extract 4.15.0 - Extracts all missing translations
app:manifest 4.14.6 - Rebuilds the app manifest
app:keystore:restore 4.14.13 - Extracts a keystore from the database
help 4.14.0 - Display the command help manual


prompt $ ./cli export-schemas

prompt $ ./cli export-database
Filename for the export: dump.sql
Export done.

prompt $ ./cli version 4.13.7

prompt $ ./cli user:create
Input new backoffice user e-mail:
Input new backoffice user password: ********
Your new user is now created.

prompt $ ./cli user:update-password
Input backoffice user e-mail to change:
Your new password (min 8 characters): ********
Password successfully changed.

prompt $ ./cli dev

prompt $ ./cli prod
prompt $ ./cli prod

prompt $ ./cli cache:design <sae|mae|pe>

prompt $ ./cli cache:clear

prompt $ ./cli app:manifest

prompt $ ./cli help