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Note: icon packages require Siberian 4.6.1 and above, otherwise they will not work

What you need

And to define two names:


Structure of a layout package

Icons are installed in the app/local/modules folder


Below is the complete and minimal required structure for an icon pack

├─ resources
│  ├─ db
│  │  └─ data
│  │     └─ my_icon_pack.php
│  └─ media
│     └─ library
│        ├─ icon1.png
│        ├─ icon2.png
│        ├─ icon3.png
│        ├─ icon4.png
│        └─ [...]
├─ package.json
└─ [...]


The package.json is used by the Installer to know the requirements, and routines to run during the installation/update process of your icon pack

  "name": "MyIconPack",
  "description": "MyIconPack description",
  "type": "icons",
  "version": "1.0",
  "dependencies": {
    "system": {
      "type": "SAE",
      "version": "4.6.1"
Field Required ? Description
name yes Package name, avoid spaces and numbers
description yes Package description
type yes must be icons
version yes Your icon pack version, for updates
dependencies yes version*: 4.6.1 minimum, type: SAE/MAE/PE minimum installation type required

* version must be at least 4.6.1


This file creates & updates the entry in database and copy assets at installation time

If you need to change options in your module while providing an update you must change the values here

Note: you must never change code as this is the unique_code used to update your layout, otherwise this will create a new layout.

$icons = [
$result = Siberian_Feature::installIcons("MyIconPack", $icons, true);


When you are done with your icon pack, it's time to zip !

zip resources and package.json and you're done !

You can also give a look at this icon pack icon-pack-yappix.

├─ resources
└─ package.json