Core inheritance & customization

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In SiberianCMS we have designed an inheritance system to allow for custom modification & improvements.

How it works ?

In the SAE Edition, you'll find two modules subtree in app, sae & local the local folder override sae, any file named the same as in sae will take precedency on it.


The core inheritance is cached, so each time you add or remove a file in local, you must delete the file var/cache/design.cache

Note: when installing and/or updating a module with the regular zip package, the cache is automatically cleared for the users.

However you can also wipe various cache levels manually in the Backoffice dashboard:



Design files

If your module needs to override an actual Siberian design you must explicitely declare it in bootstrap.php


The recommended way to override a template is to create a minimal module package, this way everything is self-contained and you can easily maintain code.

├─ resources
│  └─ design/desktop/siberian/template/loyaltycard/application/edit.phtml
└─ package.json

if you need to customize a template for example:


simply duplicate the file in your module:


Then apply your modification into this module file/files.


Siberian core classes

Overriding core classes is different, as they explicitely need the module to require classes the autoloader will not find them as they will not be PSR compliant.

Everything is declared in the bootstrap.php file this way:

/** Get the base path to your module */
$base = Core_Model_Directory::getBasePathTo("/app/local/modules/ModuleName/");

/** Require the classes */
require_once "{$base}/controllers/IndexController.php";


You want to override:


You have to create:

├─ [...]
├─ Admin/Model/Key.php
└─ [...]

Then require it in your bootstrap.php

/** Get the base path to your module */
$base = path("/app/local/modules/ModuleName/");

/** Require the classes */
require_once "{$base}/Admin/Model/Key.php";

Note: SiberianCMS regular update will not alter the local folder, so you can track your customizations safely.